Nincs azzal semmi baj, ha valaki rajong a veterán raliautók iránt, és tart otthon egyet, az pedig kiváltképp üdvös, ha még versenyre is kiviszi. Ha viszont nem megy egy körforgalom körbedriftelése, akkor azt nem kell erőltetni. 

Ezen a videón jól látszik a különbség a teljesen amatőrök és a profik között, ami azért is tanulságos, mert mutatja, hogy a feladat nem annyira egyszerű. 

All the gear, no idea. But then the professionals save the day!

Everything is easy until you have to prove it. So much so people often believe their own hype and try and prove it.And nothing this is more relevant to this than driving cars hard.Everyone thinks they can drive, think they can drift, and are sure they could do simple donuts around a mini roundabout, something anyone with a little skill can do in almost any RWD car.Until they have to prove it."I'm a rally driver" just means you can afford to own and drive a rally car, not that you got any skills at all, and this footage I just found on my harddrive from what I think is some kind of Rallye Legend style event somewhere which shows it nicely.Filmed from the typical crowd point around a mini roundabout where they expect most the cars to show off and do some donuts.Of course, you don't have to try and show off to the crowds, if you didn’t think you could, just drive on and enjoy the day, nothing wrong with that. Would you attempt to fly a helicopter just because someone gave you the chance to and that’s what the crowd were watching?No, they did it as they believed they could.But all these cars attempt to, ie they presume they can. And fail in varying degrees of cringe. I'm guessing they believed their own hype, as surely you'd not even try if you thought you couldn't.Know your limits.THANKFULLY! The event has a lot of current WRC and R5 cars and drivers in attendance too, and they save the day with some awesome AWD skids, including a few awesome entries too.Stav

Közzétette: Stav-Tech – 2019. október 27., vasárnap